When it comes to expensive equipment—including vehicles—the worst thing for them is to sit long-term without use. As a snowbird or a family on extended vacation, you may not take one or any of your vehicles with you on your trip. When you leave a vehicle behind, the oil and gas inside the car need to be able to circulate occasionally to prevent premature failure of filters and gaskets.

Our Primary Watch Services includes starting your car up and letting it run for a short time every visit; which depends on the visit-frequency contained in the package you have booked with us. In order to further care for your vehicle(s), you can elect to have us “exercise your vehicle”. What this entails is starting up your car, letting it run for a little while. If you normally park your vehicle outside while you are at home, it will be parked in the driveway differently on each of our visits in order to appear as if someone is at home when you are away from home.