In South Florida, hurricanes are a fact of life. Chances are you’re leaving town for the duration of hurricane season. Many snowbirds or vacationers elect to put their hurricane shutters up and simply leave them open so as not to draw attention to the fact that they’re not home. If a storm should arise, Family HomeWatch And Management Group can come to your rescue by making a special visit to your home and secure your already-installed shutters until the storm has passed. After the danger is over, Family HomeWatch And Management Group will then return to open your shutters.

When a hurricane-level storm is approaching, don’t burden friends, family, or neighbors who have their own preparations to make. No matter how far away you are, a phone call or email to us is all you need to do to take care of this very time-sensitive matter quickly.

When security matters, take the extra precaution and have us care for your hurricane-related needs. Hurricane shutters are an investment to protect a larger investment; Family HomeWatch And Management Group is the difference between a few dollars spent now and thousands of dollars in damage spent later.